👋 Welcome to Lord Dorchester Cup 2023
Hello all debaters, welcome to the 2023 Lord Dorchester Cup hosted by Carleton University Debate & Speech (CUDS). This will be a Canadian Parliamentary tournament, with relatively relaxed/ silly motions to be run as the straights. We encourage you to be as creative as possible for your motions. Should overall be a stimulating and entertaining weekend of debate.

GA: Carleton University, Southam Hall, Theater B
Tournament Staff

TD: [Tadesse Gessese]

CA: [Gaura Cappelletti]

DCA: [Eyas Valdez] 

Organisation Committee: [Tadesse Gessese, Gaura Cappelletti, Fiona Gervin, Navreet Sidhu, Eyas Valdez, Morgana Adby]

Tabulation: [Tadesse Gessese, Navreet Sidhu, Eyas Valdez]

Equity: [Morgana Adby, Gaura Cappelletti]

Adjudication: [Eyas Valdez, Fiona Gervin, Navreet Sidhu, Dylan Haegeman, Brayden Griffin, Owen Cruickshank, Duncan MacDonald, Greg Kwok]